"her silky smooth voice  will trick you into thinking she's much older..."

-Monika Platek, Cbc blogger - Feb 2017

"When she's on that stage, she belongs there" - Tony Del

CBC named Ashley Pater one of ten young musicians in Canada you must hear (2017). Ashley is a singer/songwriter from BC, Canada, performing alternative pop. In the past year alone, she has performed 105 shows with her largest audience in 2019 being of 100,000 people. Ashley has been featured in Starbeat magazine, Business in Vancouver, Cloverdale Reporter,  The Surrey Now Newspaper, Hope Standard Newspaper and many more. Her goal is to share her stories with the world through song and touch the heart through the ear of the listener.

"Born an old soul"


When talking about songwriting:

"It's like breathing for you"

"Story teller."